Clean_Frederik Hesseldahl’s Menagerie of Animals

BildDetail of Clean_Frederik Hesseldahl’s Mural, Stadsbiblioteket, Halmstad 2013

Clean_Frederik Hesseldahl’s menagerie of animals is the subject of Halmstad’s most recent public work. The wall painting completed last week, features a zebra, a flying sea turtle, and a whale pulled about on a string by a monarch butterfly. A delightful composition, yet far removed from the tough street image we usually associate with graffiti. However the visual language of graffiti is present. It is visible in the variety and spontaneity of technique, but most notably in Frederik’s signature, Clean. The letters jut out in all directions, electric green and yellow contrast with purple. The name floats in a composition of flying butterflies and a gravity defying daredevil on skies.

With that said, I urge you to take a walk with your morning coffee, to the bottom floor of Stadsbiblioteket. Enter what was once a simple locker room, a place to leave your coat and hat. Here Frederik has transformed what was a transitional space, insignificant but necessary, into something more…namely a place for reflection and whimsy.


Clean_Frederik Hesseldahl, is one of four artists invited to exhibit in the “Graffiti!” exhibition, now on view at Halmstads Konsthall until Oct. 9th. He also participated in the collaborative work “Vad vi vill” at Söndrumsskolan. 

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